Crate nrf52

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  • pub use crate::crt1::init;


  • Analog Comparator Peripheral Driver, for nrf52
  • ADC driver for the nRF52. Uses the SAADC peripheral.
  • AES128 driver, nRF5X-family
  • Access port protection
  • Radio driver, Bluetooth Low Energy, NRF52
  • Clock peripheral driver, nRF52
  • Factory Information Configuration Registers (FICR)
  • GPIO and GPIOTE (task and events), nRF5x-family
  • Implementation of I2C for nRF52 using EasyDMA.
  • Non-Volatile Memory Controller
  • An abstraction over the pin multiplexer, nRF5X-family
  • Power management
  • Programmable peripheral interconnect, nRF52
  • PWM driver for nRF52.
  • RTC driver, nRF5X-family
  • Implementation of SPI for NRF52 using EasyDMA.
  • Temperature sensor driver, nRF5X-family
  • Timer driver, nRF5X-family
  • TRNG driver, nRF5X-family
  • Universal asynchronous receiver/transmitter with EasyDMA (UARTE)
  • User information configuration registers
  • Universal Serial Bus Device with EasyDMA (USBD)