Module nrf52::timer

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Timer driver, nRF5X-family

The nRF51822 timer system operates off of the high frequency clock (HFCLK) and provides three timers from the clock. Timer0 is tied to the radio through some hard-coded peripheral linkages (e.g., there are dedicated PPI connections between Timer0’s compare events and radio tasks, its capture tasks and radio events).

This implementation provides a full-fledged Timer interface to timers 0 and 2, and exposes Timer1 as an HIL Alarm, for a Tock timer system. It may be that the Tock timer system should be ultimately placed on top of the RTC (from the low frequency clock). It’s currently implemented this way as a demonstration that it can be and because the full RTC/clock interface hasn’t been finalized yet.

This approach should be rewritten, such that the timer system uses the RTC from the low frequency clock (lower power) and the scheduler uses the high frequency clock.