Trait kernel::process::ProcessLoadingAsync

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pub trait ProcessLoadingAsync<'a> {
    // Required methods
    fn set_client(&self, client: &'a dyn ProcessLoadingAsyncClient);
    fn set_policy(&self, policy: &'a dyn AppIdPolicy);
    fn start(&self);
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Asynchronous process loading.

Machines which implement this trait perform asynchronous process loading and signal completion through ProcessLoadingAsyncClient.

Various process loaders may exist. This includes a loader from a MCU’s integrated flash, or a loader from an external flash chip.

Required Methods§


fn set_client(&self, client: &'a dyn ProcessLoadingAsyncClient)

Set the client to receive callbacks about process loading and when process loading has finished.


fn set_policy(&self, policy: &'a dyn AppIdPolicy)

Set the credential checking policy for the loader.


fn start(&self)

Start the process loading operation.