Trait tock_registers::debug::FieldValueEnumSeq

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pub trait FieldValueEnumSeq<U: UIntLike> {
    // Required method
    fn recurse_try_from_value(
        data: &mut impl FnMut() -> U,
        f: &mut impl FnMut(&dyn Debug)
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FieldValueEnumSeq is a debug helper trait representing a sequence of field enum types. It provides methods to recurse through this sequence of types and thus call methods on them, such as try_from_value.

Its primary use lies in the RegisterDebugInfo trait. This trait provides facilities useful for providing information on the layout of a register (such as, which fields it has and which known values those fields can assume). Such information is usually only available at compile time. This trait makes runtime-representable data available at runtime. However, information encoded solely in types can’t simply be used at runtime, which is where this trait comes in.

Required Methods§


fn recurse_try_from_value( data: &mut impl FnMut() -> U, f: &mut impl FnMut(&dyn Debug) )

Iterates over the sequence of types and performs the following steps:

  1. Invokes the data function argument. This is expected to provide the numeric (UIntLike) value of the register field that the current type corresponds to.

  2. Invoke try_from_value on the current field enum type, passing the value returned by data.

  3. Provide the returned value to the f function argument. This is either the enum representation (if the field value belongs to a known variant, or the numeric field value returned by data.

In practice, this method should be used to iterate over types and other runtime-accessible information in tandem, to produce a human-readable register dump.

Importantly, data is invoked for every type in the sequence, and every invocation of data is followed by a single invocation of f.

Object Safety§

This trait is not object safe.