Module kernel::utilities

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Utility functions and macros provided by the kernel crate.


  • Basic binary write interface and supporting structs.
  • Create a “fake” module inside of common for all of the Tock Cell types.
  • Helper macros.
  • Defines a SubSlice type to implement leasable buffers.
  • Helper functions for common mathematical operations.
  • An enum that can contain a reference to either a mutable or an immutable buffer.
  • Peripheral Management
  • Re-export the tock-register-interface library.
  • Support for statically initializing objects in memory.
  • static_ref 🔒
    Wrapper type for safe pointers to static memory.
  • Utility for creating non-volatile storage regions.


  • A pointer to statically allocated mutable data such as memory mapped I/O registers.