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Tock syscall number definitions and arch-agnostic interface trait.


Possible return values of a command driver method, as specified in TRD104.


ContentSwitchReason specifies why the process stopped executing and execution returned to the kernel.
Decoded system calls as defined in TRD 104.
Enumeration of the system call classes based on the identifiers specified in the Tock ABI.
Enumeration of the possible system call return variants specified in TRD104.
Enumeration of the system call return type variant identifiers described in TRD104.
Enumeration of the yield system calls based on the Yield identifier values specified in the Tock ABI.


Trait for capsules implementing peripheral driver system calls specified in TRD104. The kernel translates the values passed from userspace into Rust types and includes which process is making the call. All of these system calls perform very little synchronous work; long running computations or I/O should be split-phase, with an upcall indicating their completion.
The UserspaceKernelBoundary trait is implemented by the architectural component of the chip implementation of Tock. This trait allows the kernel to switch to and from processes in an architecture-independent manner.