pub trait WriteableProcessBuffer: ReadableProcessBuffer {
    fn mut_enter<F, R>(&self, fun: F) -> Result<R, Error>
        F: FnOnce(&WriteableProcessSlice) -> R
; }
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A readable and writeable region of userspace process memory.

This trait can be used to gain read-write access to memory regions wrapped in a ReadWriteProcessBuffer.

This is a supertrait of ReadableProcessBuffer, which features methods allowing mutable access.

Required Methods

Applies a function to the mutable process slice reference pointed to by the ReadWriteProcessBuffer.

If the process is no longer alive and the memory has been reclaimed, this method must return Err(process::Error::NoSuchApp).

Default Process Buffer

A default instance of a process buffer must return Err(process::Error::NoSuchApp) without executing the passed closure.