Function kernel::debug::panic_print

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pub unsafe fn panic_print<W: Write + IoWrite, C: Chip, PP: ProcessPrinter>(
    writer: &mut W,
    panic_info: &PanicInfo<'_>,
    nop: &dyn Fn(),
    processes: &'static [Option<&'static dyn Process>],
    chip: &'static Option<&'static C>,
    process_printer: &'static Option<&'static PP>
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Tock panic routine, without the infinite LED-blinking loop.

This is useful for boards which do not feature LEDs to blink or want to implement their own behaviour. This method returns after performing the panic dump.

After this method returns, the system is no longer in a well-defined state. Care must be taken on how one interacts with the system once this function returns.

NOTE: The supplied writer must be synchronous.