pub trait Component {
    type StaticInput;
    type Output;

    unsafe fn finalize(self, static_memory: Self::StaticInput) -> Self::Output;
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A component encapsulates peripheral-specific and capsule-specific initialization for the Tock OS kernel in a factory method, which reduces repeated code and simplifies the boot sequence.

The Component trait encapsulates all of the initialization and configuration of a kernel extension inside the finalize() function call. The Output type defines what type this component generates. Note that instantiating a component does not necessarily instantiate the underlying Output type; instead, it is typically instantiated in the finalize() method. If instantiating and initializing the Output type requires parameters, these should be passed in the component’s new() function.

Required Associated Types

An optional type to specify the chip or board specific static memory that a component needs to setup the output object(s). This is the memory that static_init!() would normally setup, but generic components cannot setup static buffers for types which are chip-dependent, so those buffers have to be passed in manually, and the StaticInput type makes this possible.

The type (e.g., capsule, peripheral) that this implementation of Component produces via finalize(). This is typically a static reference (&'static).

Required Methods

A factory method that returns an instance of the Output type of this Component implementation. This factory method may only be called once per Component instance. Used in the boot sequence to instantiate and initialize part of the Tock kernel. Some components need to use the static_memory argument to allow the board initialization code to pass in references to static memory that the component will use to setup the Output type object.