Trait tock_registers::interfaces::ReadWriteable

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pub trait ReadWriteable {
    type T: UIntLike;
    type R: RegisterLongName;

    // Required method
    fn modify(&self, field: FieldValue<Self::T, Self::R>);
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Readable and Writeable register, over the same RegisterLongName

Register which supports both reading and setting a value.

This trait does not have to be implemented manually! It is automatically implemented for every type that is both Readable and Writeable, as long as Readable::R == Writeable::R (i.e. not for Aliased registers).

Required Associated Types§

Required Methods§


fn modify(&self, field: FieldValue<Self::T, Self::R>)

Write the value of one or more fields, leaving the other fields unchanged



impl<T: UIntLike, R: RegisterLongName, S> ReadWriteable for S
where S: Readable<T = T, R = R> + Writeable<T = T, R = R>,


type T = T


type R = R