Macro kernel::storage_volume

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macro_rules! storage_volume {
    ($N:ident, $kB:expr $(,)?) => { ... };
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Allocates space in the kernel image for on-chip non-volatile storage.

Storage volumes are placed after the kernel code and before relocated variables (those copied into RAM on boot). They are placed in a section called .storage.

Non-volatile storage abstractions can then refer to the block of allocate flash in terms of the name of the volume. For example,

storage_volume!(LOG, 32);

will allocate 32kB of space in the flash and define a symbol LOG at the start address of that flash region. The intention is that storage abstractions can then be passed this address and size to initialize their state. The linker script kernel_layout.ld makes sure that the .storage section is aligned on a 512-byte boundary and the next section is aligned as well.