pub trait PubPrivKeyGenerate<'a>: PubPrivKey {
    fn set_client(&'a self, client: &'a dyn PubPrivKeyGenerateClient<'a>);
    fn generate(
        &'a self,
        trng: &'a dyn Entropy32<'_>,
        public_key_buffer: &'static mut [u8],
        private_key_buffer: &'static mut [u8]
    ) -> Result<(), (ErrorCode, &'static mut [u8], &'static mut [u8])>; }
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An internal representation of generating asymetric Public/Private key pairs.

This trait is useful for managing keys internally in Tock.

Required Methods

Set the client. This client will be called when the generate() function is complete. If using an existing key this doesn’t need to be used.

This generates a new private/public key pair. The length will be hard coded by the implementation, for example RSA 2048 will create a 2048 bit key. This will call the generation_complete() on completion. They keys cannot be used and will return None until the upcall has been called.

The keys generated by generate() will depend on the implementation.

The original key buffers can be retrieve usind the pub_key() and priv_key() functions.

The possible ErrorCodes are: - BUSY: A key is already imported or in the process of being generated. - OFF: The underlying trng is powered down. - SIZE: An invalid buffer size was supplied.