Module kernel::hil::i2c

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Interface for I2C master and slave peripherals.



  • The type of error encountered during I2C communication.
  • This specifies what type of transmission just finished from a Master device.


  • Client interface for I2CDevice implementations.
  • Higher-level interface for I2C Master commands that wraps in the I2C address. It gives an interface for communicating with a specific I2C device.
  • Client interface for capsules that use I2CMaster devices.
  • Client interface for capsules that use I2CSlave devices.
  • Interface for an I2C Master hardware driver.
  • Convenience type for capsules that need hardware that supports both Master and Slave modes.
  • Interface for an I2C Slave hardware driver.
  • Interface for an SMBus Master hardware driver. The device implementing this will also seperately implement I2CMaster.