Trait kernel::hil::eic::ExternalInterruptController

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pub trait ExternalInterruptController {
    type Line;

    // Required methods
    fn line_enable(&self, line: &Self::Line, interrupt_mode: InterruptMode);
    fn line_disable(&self, line: &Self::Line);
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Interface for EIC.

Required Associated Types§


type Line

The chip-dependent type of an EIC line. Number of lines available depends on the chip.

Required Methods§


fn line_enable(&self, line: &Self::Line, interrupt_mode: InterruptMode)

Enables external interrupt on the given ‘line’ In asynchronous mode, all edge interrupts will be interpreted as level interrupts and the filter is disabled.


fn line_disable(&self, line: &Self::Line)

Disables external interrupt on the given ‘line’