[][src]Struct kernel::procs::FunctionCall

pub struct FunctionCall {
    pub source: FunctionCallSource,
    pub argument0: usize,
    pub argument1: usize,
    pub argument2: usize,
    pub argument3: usize,
    pub pc: usize,

Struct that defines a callback that can be passed to a process. The callback takes four arguments that are Driver and callback specific, so they are represented generically here.

Likely these four arguments will get passed as the first four register values, but this is architecture-dependent.

A FunctionCall also identifies the callback that scheduled it, if any, so that it can be unscheduled when the process unsubscribes from this callback.


source: FunctionCallSourceargument0: usizeargument1: usizeargument2: usizeargument3: usizepc: usize

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for FunctionCall[src]

impl Copy for FunctionCall[src]

impl Debug for FunctionCall[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Send for FunctionCall

impl Sync for FunctionCall

impl Unpin for FunctionCall

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