[][src]Enum kernel::procs::ProcessLoadError

pub enum ProcessLoadError {
    MemoryAddressMismatch {
        actual_address: u32,
        expected_address: u32,
    IncorrectFlashAddress {
        actual_address: u32,
        expected_address: u32,

Errors that can occur when trying to load and create processes.



The TBF header for the process could not be successfully parsed.


Not enough flash remaining to parse a process and its header.


Not enough memory to meet the amount requested by a process. Modify the process to request less memory, flash fewer processes, or increase the size of the region your board reserves for process memory.


A process was loaded with a length in flash that the MPU does not support. The fix is probably to correct the process size, but this could also be caused by a bad MPU implementation.


A process specified a fixed memory address that it needs its memory range to start at, and the kernel did not or could not give the process a memory region starting at that address.

Fields of MemoryAddressMismatch

actual_address: u32expected_address: u32

A process specified that its binary must start at a particular address, and that is not the address the binary is actually placed at.

Fields of IncorrectFlashAddress

actual_address: u32expected_address: u32

Process loading error due (likely) to a bug in the kernel. If you get this error please open a bug report.

Trait Implementations

impl Debug for ProcessLoadError[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Send for ProcessLoadError

impl Sync for ProcessLoadError

impl Unpin for ProcessLoadError

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