pub fn load_and_check_processes<KR: KernelResources<C>, C: Chip>(
    kernel: &'static Kernel,
    kernel_resources: &KR,
    chip: &'static C,
    app_flash: &'static [u8],
    app_memory: &'static mut [u8],
    procs: &'static mut [Option<&'static dyn Process>],
    fault_policy: &'static dyn ProcessFaultPolicy,
    capability_management: &dyn ProcessManagementCapability
) -> Result<(), ProcessLoadError>where
    <KR as KernelResources<C>>::CredentialsCheckingPolicy: 'static,
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Load processes (stored as TBF objects in flash) into runnable process structures stored in the procs array. If the kernel is configured with an AppCredentialsChecker, this method scans the footers in the TBF for cryptographic credentials for binary integrity, passing them to the checker to decide whether the process has sufficient credentials to run.