pub trait ReceiveAdvanced<'a>: Receive<'a> {
    fn receive_automatic(
        rx_buffer: &'static mut [u8],
        rx_len: usize,
        interbyte_timeout: u8
    ) -> Result<(), (ErrorCode, &'static mut [u8])>; }
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Trait that isn’t required for basic UART operation, but provides useful abstractions that capsules may want to be able to leverage.

The interfaces are included here because some hardware platforms may be able to directly implement them, while others platforms may need to emulate them in software. The ones that can implement them in hardware should be able to leverage that efficiency, and by placing the interfaces here in the HIL they can do that.

Other interface ideas that have been discussed, but are not included due to the lack of a clear use case, but are noted here in case they might help someone in the future:

  • receive_until_terminator: This would read in bytes until a specified byte is received (or the buffer is full) and then return to the client.
  • receive_len_then_message: This would do a one byte read to get a length byte and then read that many more bytes from UART before returning to the client.

Required Methods

Receive data until interbyte_timeout bit periods have passed since the last byte or buffer is full. Does not timeout until at least one byte has been received.

  • interbyte_timeout: number of bit periods since last data received.