Trait kernel::hil::digest::ClientHash

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pub trait ClientHash<const L: usize> {
    // Required method
    fn hash_done(
        result: Result<(), ErrorCode>,
        digest: &'static mut [u8; L]
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Implement this trait and use set_client() in order to receive callbacks when a digest is completed.

‘L’ is the length of the ‘u8’ array to store the digest output.

Required Methods§


fn hash_done(&self, result: Result<(), ErrorCode>, digest: &'static mut [u8; L])

Called when a digest is computed. digest is the same reference passed to run() to store the hash value. If result is Ok, digest stores the computed hash. If result is Err, the data stored in digest is undefined and may have any value. Valid ErrorCode values are:

  • OFF: the underlying digest engine is powered down and cannot be used.
  • BUSY: there is an outstanding add_data, add_data_mut, run, or verify operation, so the digest engine is busy and cannot perform a hash.
  • CANCEL: the operation was cancelled by a call to clear_data.
  • NOSUPPORT: the requested digest algorithm is not supported, or one was not requested.
  • FAIL: an internal failure.



impl ClientHash<32> for AppCheckerSha256


impl<'a, S: SignatureVerify<'static, HL, SL>, H: DigestDataHash<'a, HL>, const HL: usize, const SL: usize> ClientHash<HL> for AppCheckerSignature<'a, S, H, HL, SL>