Module capsules_extra::analog_comparator

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Provides userspace access to the analog comparators on a board.


let ac_channels = static_init!(
    [&'static sam4l::acifc::AcChannel; 2],
let analog_comparator = static_init!(
    capsules::analog_comparator::AnalogComparator<'static, sam4l::acifc::Acifc>,
    capsules::analog_comparator::AnalogComparator::new(&mut sam4l::acifc::ACIFC, ac_channels)

§Number of Analog Comparators

The number of analog comparators available depends on the microcontroller/board used.

§Normal or Interrupt-based Comparison

For a normal comparison or an interrupt-based comparison, just one analog comparator is necessary.

For more information on how this capsule works, please take a look at the README: in doc/syscalls.